As Urban beekeepers our company is guided by three key goals:

  1. Save and increase bees
  2. Produce the Best Local Honey
  3. Enhance Hive Management

Who We Are

Arizona Beekeepers LLC is a family owned beekeeping operation based in Litchfield Park, Arizona. 

African bees are a real management challenge, but part of our commitment to wild bees is to save urban African bees by requeening them to reduce their defensiveness and making them compatible with urban beekeeping.

Starting with two Italian bee nucs we’ve become a leader in Regenerative bee management.  Using sensor technology we can manage our hives and still minimize the disruption of our bees, solving a major problem with absconding African bees.  Sensors have become so important to us that we have become the United States distributor for Bee Hive Monitoring, so that we can offer scales and sensors to other beekeepers throughout the United States.

As Urban beekeepers our company is guided by three key goals:

  1. We want to save and increase bee populations and help manage the threat of African “killer” bees in our dry desert environment.
  2. We want to produce the best pure raw local honey possible.
  3. And we want to use sensors and other tools to develop effective management techniques to help all kinds of beekeepers, who are facing an increasingly harder environment and business.

If you are interested in being more successful and profitable, and changing the bee keeping world for the better, then I would love to talk with you.

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