Hive Heart 3.0

Hive Heart 3.0


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The new heart of your hive captures temperature, humidity, and sound data as often as every 10 minutes and internally stores it for up to 2 months. You then can upload this data to your free cloud account for 5 years of free storage.

Once you upload the data to your free cloud account our software will analyze your data and tell you the health of your hive.  Also you can download your data to a spreadsheet for sharing at any time.

And installing your heart is so easy you can do it in minutes.  Just lay your heart on the brood frames. Then you download the mobile application, scanned the QR code that is included in the package and the application automatically connects to your heart. You do not have to set anything up and you’re ready to collect your hive data by Bluetooth on your phone or by wifi if available.

$3 Shipping for one heart, with additional $1 per heart shipping for up to 10 hearts.

If ordering more than 10 hearts, email us for special pricing.

1 in stock



What the hive heart can do for you:

1. hive humidity

2. hive temperature

3. bee sound analysis

4. loss of the queen warning

5. swarming forecast

6. large humidity change warning

7. Collect data up to every 10 minutes

8. internal memory for 2 months

9. cloud archive for 5 years of data

10. communication by smartphone via Bluetooth

11. communication by external GSM module

12. free mobile app for both iPhone, Android and personal computer

13. thickness only .315 inches.

14. open air communication distance 300 ft, after insertion into the hive 15 to 100 ft

15. export to Excel

16. battery is included

17.battery duration for up to year (based on usage,) replacable with CR2032 battery

18. no additional fees   


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