Why Use Our Bee Hive Monitoring System?

Having information without understanding does us no good in managing our bees.  New beekeepers are trained to inspect their hives at least every two weeks and have more than one  hive so that they can compare them; but, without experience how do you understand the information you are seeing.

Commercial beekeepers have the experience to understand the information.  Their problem is finding the best way to use their limited amount of time.  With hundreds or thousands of hives and only 24 hours in a day, prioritizing work to be most effect is the challenge.

Hive Monitoring gives us needed information quickly, and even remotely, without disturbing your bees.  Still you need to understand your information which can take time and experience.  This is why we give you our free software that analyzes your information for you.

Our software gives you a green light panel that shows all your hives on one screen.  You will see a green light, yellow light or red light telling you what you need to check each hive for.  This screen tells you the status of the hive, the status of the bees, the status of the queen, and if they are preparing to swarm with a 21 day warning.  Click on an individual hive and you will find a written description with a checklist for your inspection.

Our software also gives you individual graph pages for: internal and external temperate and humidity; weight and weight changes, and frequency and amplitude of the sounds the bees are making.

Good management still requires physical inspections.  What we do is we download our information at our apiary, look at the information and deal with any problems.  Then weather permitting we inspect one or two hives at that location just to see what is going on.

If you want to learn what to look for in a physical inspection of your hives, check out Randy Oliver’s YouTube video “Reading the Combs: Understanding Bee Biology Over the Course of a Season” HERE